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the BEAUTY STRIP: Cinéma vérité film about individual erotic perception featuring soundtrack by  electronica sound artists: Zigo Rayonpineal with Sharpnoise, Occurrences in Rain, Names, Bob Orum, Unknown_Variable and Bassex.

Headphones and sedatives suggested. (viewer discretion advised)

The EARL SESSIONS (film trailer)

Movie Trailer
Watch full length movie here:

Cinema verite about a hero struggling with persona.
Headphones recommended. Soundtrack by artists: David Eng, Bp Olar, Jacob Shelton, Craig Murray, Phil Andrews, Wounds (Winter Ambient Works) and the late Mr. Barry Titus. Starring Earl Woodruff as himself. Featuring the voice of actress Shannon Lark.

The EARL SESSIONS premiered in May of 2011, screening on six screens as part of the Dis-Place This Collection at the world renown Glue Factory Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland. Also the Earl Sessions was featured at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires with a live scored interpretation by sound artist Zigo Rayonpineal. Awarded most innovative film by the Pollygrind Film Festival 2011 and an official Cannes Independent Selection for 2011.

the earl sessions poster with laurels

the Forgotten Film Gallery 2013

After having to put Lambchop to sleep was glad to leave the house with some films for a few days. Found some lonely walls in Tonopah. Was also lucky to visit Smokey’s home near the ruins of the old Mill in Belmont NV.  
This segment includes soundtrack Disengage by Lowell Levine-Sims and Bp Olar


Classical Liz by Jon Obsworth 

The Testament 2013 by Fred L‘Epee

Lost in Space by Bp Olar
An American arabesque by Ron Diorio

the Dead Bird Story 2013

Words and Voice by J de Salvo:

Written on the occasion of the death of William S. Burroughs.


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