Crepuscle With Nellie (Take Six)


Created for the Poetry Society featured at the Filmpoem Festival in Antwerp Belgium, June 14, 2014. Filmpoem Festival is curated by Alastair Cook in partnership with the British Poetry Society and the Felix Poetry Film Festival.
Written and Read by Ken Taylor
  Music: a rotten fairytale composed by Mustafank:


The EARL SESSIONS (full movie)

Found Footage Film about about a person struggling with persona.
Headphones recommended. Soundtrack by artists: David Eng, Bp Olar, Jacob Shelton, Craig Murray, Phil Andrews, Wounds (Winter Ambient Works) and the late Mr. Barry Titus. Starring Earl Woodruff as himself. Featuring the voice of actress Shannon Lark.

The EARL SESSIONS premiered in May of 2011, screening on six screens as part of the Dis-Place This Collection at the world renown Glue Factory Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland. Also the Earl Sessions was featured at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires with a live scored interpretation by sound artist Zigo Rayonpineal. Awarded most innovative film by the Pollygrind Film Festival 2011 and an official Cannes Independent Selection for 2011.

the earl sessions poster with laurels

the Forgotten Film Gallery 2013 (part 1)

Shared more films with the lonely desert and the critters again. This time was an old jail in Tecopa and part of an abandoned resort facing the Soda Mountains. At one point two curious bats joined us on the floor of the old building. 
Robert Fulton, manager of California Sate University Desert Studies Center welcomed us including myself, family, Fred L’Epee and our films as the Desert Research Center’s guests. Robert, also gave a candid interview concerning some of the environmental challenges facing the Soda Mountains and the Mojave:

the FORGOTTEN FILM GALLERY 2012 highlights

Currently working on a documentary video art installation. Learning about the past, future, present and large for profit solar power in the desert. All seems connected. The plan for now is to keep creating more Forgotten Film Galleries.

The Forgotten Film Gallery is a documentary film project and video art installation which plans to showcase a collection of films dealing with interpretations of the forgotten and the indefinite time period during and after the present. The Forgotten Film Gallery will attempt to link the past, present and future using the Mojave desert as the video art installation space.

Below are some highlights from the current Forgotten Gallery. To learn about the more current and complete Forgotten Gallery story please

tune is called: Shards of Colour
music by Barbara De Dominicis

Recently learned Bright Source a large for profit energy corporation plans to erect two solar towers at Hidden Hills. Not sure what will become of the Hidden Cathedral or Queho’s grave. In other news, I’ve been working on how to create stop motion with my new Cannon. More shots to come. Stay tuned.

During the 70’s Hidden Hills Ranch near Pahrump, Nevada was an area that attracted over a thousand visitors a month. Hidden Hills Ranch was a non denominational, spiritual place created out of the existing rocks by Roland Wiley. Roland was a prominent attorney who also helped shape Las Vegas. We came back a few weeks ago. Thinking maybe we can show some of the films here. Finding more to the story about Hidden Hills Ranch and the surrounding area.
Music by Zigo Rayopineal

the demand is the electronics must work together with the borrowed 2000 watt Honda gas generator. Power is crucial to the Forgotten Film Gallery. No power in the lonely desert or is there? Wish we could plug the TV’s into to the sun. Maybe a small catheter plugged to one of the rays would work. lol. For now a tight collar of gas with hopefully a long enough leash must hide behind a hill or my selfish dream will not work. Stay tuned.
Music by Zigo Rayonpineal tune is called: quumTlismns

Was the perfect time to take a drive from Vegas and share films with the lonely desert. Upon arrival to the gallery we learned serendipity can change.

After learning our intended gallery had been burned down and my camera mic had other plans for sound, the decision was still to watch these films. A video montage honoring the following works inside the last remaining dwelling with a roof at Hidden Hills:
Films included in this segment:
Days Gone Not Forgotten by Jesse Richards
Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo by Istvan Horkay
R.O.O.T.S. by Pinina Podesta
Paradox of the Absurd by Maria Niro
Factory For Sale by Frederic Chagnard and Agnès Hardy
Unconcerned But Not Indifferent by Fred L’Epée and Dimitra Pouliopoulou

After our journey as astronauts to the forgotten planet. We learned perceptions have power. Television at the cathedral on a desert planet… surreal and beautiful experience for us. The crickets even played a live concerto with our TV’s! lol. Some highlights and sounds from the show.

Included in this segment:
Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo by Istvan Horkay
“my favorite color was blue” by H.D. Lang
Homo Sapiens 1 by Rouzbeh Rashidi
Spotter by Chris Marsh
Remembering Belle Isle by David Sanchez Burr
A 60 Seconds Study for ΙΚΑΡΟΣ by Roland Quelven
Concerto by the Crickets


Gunk + Elk 2011
Featured: Mindscapes Film Event, October, 2011 Las Vegas NV.

Soundtrack: Zigo Rayonpineal

Flesh and Higher Mathematics 2011
Featured: Mindscapes Film Event, October, 2011 Las Vegas NV.

Soundtrack: Lowell Levene Sims

Ground 2011
Featured: Dimensions Film Event Artist Televisions Access San Francisco August 2011

Soundtrack: Pierrepoint’s Epitaph by Dirk Drieson

Hanging Stanes 2010
A film adaptation of the poem: The Hanging Stanes by Sam Meekings for the McEwan Hall Showcase in Edinburgh. Filmed 2009 in Tecopa, CA.

Narration: Alastair Cook
Soundtrack: Jacob Shelton

Hippodrome Mime 2009
Pollygrind Film Award Best Music Video 2010

Soundtrack: David Eng



Planet Ethera

“Genre-defying “The Earl Sessions””

by Heidi Martinuzzi published Dec 02, 2011

The Earl Sessions”: A series of short episodes exploring persona using horrifying imagery, a bit of black comedy, and lots of other techniques that I am not quite sure how to describe properly. This shit is weird – I won’t lie. It’s awesome and weird and creative and surreal

Written Narrated: Alastair Cook
Directed Edited: Ginnetta Correli
Soundtrack: Pierrepoint’s Epitaph by Dirk Drieson

Appeared in Rubies and Crystals October 28,
source: 2011

Ground has an impenetrable quality. The film imagery, poem and reading approach each other without quite meeting. In that circle of visual and verbal imagery and the emotion of the voice of the reader, we witness a flame dancing without knowing who lit it, who blows on it, or why it goes out, if it does.

Something profound happens. But what? Is the poem notes on death and what resurrects us through life? Or the dream of a life?

At the end, the man… but you must watch to see this.

I am reminded of Médem’s Lucía y el sexo, where the island rests on a cacophony of unmappable caves that constitute its base and that are not attached to the seabed, but float, and where one of the characters disappears forever into.

As in dream, the images in Ground are vivid, strong, and reveal something important if elusive. The images of the poem and the film are are strewn in a landscape of inner symbolism. A motorcycle. An empty road. The shadow of a figure, perhaps the filmmaker filming the scene. A small white snake lying in the road. A man holding onto the lip of rock in a cave hole. A gloved hand picking up the poisonous snake and placing it carefully on the shoulder of the road. An abandoned hut where the outside seems inside, empty save for the crumpled paper of the poet, a bed of rocks and light.

This is a surreal filmpoem; it has a European art film feel to it. Like when watching an Almodóvar, forget logic, for a rational approach to understanding won’t reveal anything. As you seek to embrace the meaning of the film, you find mindfulness here like a Zen koan.

You can’t quite put it together. Rather, feel the deep angst the film produces. That’s where the film is unfolding in your consciousness as a message, a predicament, a riddler of the paradoxes of life.

Or the immanence of death.

Ground is hauntingly beautiful, in a disturbing way. In the embracing mindfulness, a poetry of poison, death, loss, and beauty, all of which is natural, found in the natural world, amidst a surreality. We feel cross-currents, disambiguations, and yet the over-arching journey metaphor of Cook’s minimalist poetry, and the bond of love he speaks of, yes, living is like this. Simply a superb film.

Do watch. The two minutes and 35 seconds will become a dream you are having.
The poem is composed of haiku written by Alastair; his blog, written in my hand is well worth exploring too.

Las Vegas Weekly interview by Josh Bell October 12, 2011 source:
Not the Dark Knight: Earl Woodruff takes Batman to a new level

Mindscapes Film Event 2011

JMDF is an agent of Porcelain Bomb Las Vegas
Don’t worry if you missed Mindscapes the other weekend at Theater7. You can catch it in February when the show arrives in San Francisco. Or, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you can watch a few of these cutting edge videos in the comfort of your own home right now. According to local event organizers and filmmakers Ginnetta Correli and Cassandra Sechler, this collection represents “a critical movement happening under the belly of mainstream culture.” They could be right. Video art installations are on the rise, a delightful offspring of the budding orgiastic romance between dozens of artistic disciplines.